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Towson is made up of dozens of small, tightly-knit, family-oriented communities. At the center of this affluent, well-educated northern Baltimore Count suburb is Towson University. The one-time teachers college has become one of the fastest growing institutions in the Mid-Atlantic and is scheduled to grow to 25,000 students by 2012.

With growth come growing pains. The campus does not have enough housing to keep assure students on-campus residence past their junior year. While the percentage of students on-campus is impressive for a  school its size, this statistic has not appeased the growingly frustrated community.

Neighbors fear Towson, the unofficial epicenter to Baltimore County’s political motor, will become nothing more than a “student ghetto,” ushering in a crime-rate similar to College Park, one of the nation’s most dangerous campuses.

Students living in the communities. Students walking through the town (intoxicated or not) making noise and doing “things kids do.”

Tensions are high in this part of town where two powerful forces, the second largest college in the state and the never-ending will lifelong Towson residence, have run head on  for the last few years.

As the Editor in Chief of The Towerlight, Towson University’s independent student newspaper, I’ve covered the institutional community relations for more than a year. This is your site for information about what’s going on the battle grounds between the Town & Gown.


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