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I’m not sure what to expect. Three weeks ago a hostile crowd dressed in all red filled the Towson Center in protest of the arena expansion plans. Hecklers hollered from the seats, while those standing the back barked out remarks that probably shouldn’t be repeated. In short, the last word I would have used to describe the setting was “understanding.” Today, in less than three hours, the scene will again be the Towson Center. This time, in the lobby outside of the arena, it should be a gathering of warm happy feelings. An oddly abrupt twist I must say. TU President Robert Caret will be there this time, unlike the Jan. 21 meeting when VP Jim Sheehan was left to hang for the University’s miscommunication. Caret and representatives from Rodgers Forge will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on plans for the new arena expansion. The new plans for the 5,000-seat basketball facility will now cost more than the budgeted $45.4 million. Where this extra money will come from is only a guess at this point. Seeing all of the teeth reflecting the flashbulbs from the event will be an bizarre site. We’ll see how long this mutual appreciation lasts.


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