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Is it the University impacting the community? Or is this time it’s the community impacting the University?
A bill will be up for a vote in the House in Annapolis a week from tomorrow that could greatly impact Towson University. The interesting part is that it would only impact Towson University.
HB693 – University System of Maryland – Designated Growth Institutions – Community Impact Statement is written by delegates Susan Aumann, Steve Lafferty and Bill Frank, all representatives from the 42nd District (I’m looking at you Kosak). The bill takes aim at schools that are “Designated Growth Institutions” from the USM with a student population of 14,000 or more.
Any idea how many schools fit this status?
It will require these (this) school to submit a yearly Community Impact Statement if the institution increases it’s full-time equivalent student body at the same time as its budget request. The statement must be placed “prominently” on the school’s Web site for easy consumption and transparency, I presume.
Included in the CIS are seven points, most interestingly of which is an outline of how the school is “monitoring and tracking” and “applying appropriate discipline” to any student that lives in a 10-mile radius of the campus.
Here’s a little homework for my readers to do. Go look into how far 10 miles really is. Try Google Maps.
I haven’t had a chance to speak to anybody on either side of the bill, yet, and it was just brought to my attention yesterday. After putting together The Towerlight all day Sunday, I just got a chance to read through it this afternoon.
I’ll report back with more information after speaking to some sources. Look for an article with the result of the vote in the Feb. 26 edition of The Towerlight.


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