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Sorry for the terrible pun to begin the post, but I have an affinity for such attempts at humor. By the end of this post (if you make it that far) you’ll understand what I’m referring to. 

The Towson Times’ Loni Ingraham is back at it again. Community members cry foul and she is there with recorder, pen and paper in hand, ready to right the supposed wrongs in her publication area.

TU students living in communities around the campus has become a problem in recent years as the University population has grown, pushing more students off-campus. After the local apartment complexes fill up, they move into the tight-knit communities. For a report I did on the general issue, check out this article from March 2008: A turf war over Towson.

Stemming from what community reps call a lack of student housing on campus, real estate investors like to buy up available residences and open them up for student rental. This leads to coding violations for too many non-related people living in one house. Under some circumstances, when the owner lives in the house, he/she is allowed two non-related roommates. If the owner does not live in the house, only two can live there.

In the case of this instance which Loni wrote the article about, the owner of the property was fined $1,500, but the community is not happy. The tenants are allowed to remain in the house until June 30 (probably the end of the spring semester) before any action will be taken. Seems like a compromise to me, but many within the Towson community reps circle thought Rodgers Forge gave in too early when the Towson Center expansion was moved to the opposite side of the existing arena. But who’s keeping score? Really?

Ultimately, this comes back to University-neighbor relations because in many cases the community associations look for Towson to take charge in handling off-campus discipline. Again, this is an example of what has led to the Community Impact Statement bill which we haven’t heard anything from in the week since its hearing in Annapolis.

The Towerlight will dig into code violations in the area and the University’s role in enforcing the County policies. Check back next week for a full report. 


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