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I’m not expecting this blog to change the world, nonetheless the contentious relationship between the Towson town and it’s University, but we can at least pose some questions here that need to be answered before anything can actually be resolved. Clearly, we can ask wide sweeping questions that attempt to assign blame to specific players in the situation, but that won’t get anybody anywhere. Hopefully these can start some sort of discussion.

1)   What can a student living in a given residential neighborhood do to make his/her inhabitance more acceptable to community members?

2)   What can a neighbor living in a community that has student homeowners and renters do to make students feel welcome and comfortable with the idea of working with said neighbor to resolve issues?

3)   What does Towson University have to do, short of building a room with a bed for each of the campuses 21,000 students, in order to put the community’s mind at ease?

4)   Is there any communication channel that is not in currently in place that would appease both sides of the situation?

5)   How many individual students actually partake in activity that upsets the community?


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