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This Wednesday the University will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the 2010 Master Plan.

The meeting will be in the Minnegan Room at the Johnny Unitas Stadium Field House at 6:30 p.m. Towson planners, architects and facilities representatives will be there to present the plans as they stand and gather feedback from any and all in attendance. At least that’s the idea.

Last time a public meeting was held, the Rodgers Forge Community showed up in unified red colors with a sign and an agenda of their own. VP and CFO Jim Sheehan was berated for more than an hour for errors the University had made when communicating plans for the Towson Center Arena expansion. These included tearing out trees at 8 a.m. on New Year’s Eve without notifying neighbors and sending out a copy of the plans with an incorrect date which would said the document was prepared two years earlier than it actually was.

Towson’s Master Plan crew spoke to the GTCCA last week with what I’ve been told is essentially the same presentation. They gathered feedback and asked for the representatives bring more feedback back to this meeting as well.

Towerlight will have a full report the next day so pick up the print issue or check online. I’ll bring some of my observations here, too.


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