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After finishing off my last post, I just realized that my novice nature with WordPress led me to not publishing this from a week or so ago. Here it is.


If you had a chance to read The Baltimore Sun’s feature on the front page of the You section about President Robert Caret, you’d think the New Englander was on the verge of curing cancer. He’s a chemist by trade, actually, so it may actually be more fitting to think he discovered a new element. Nonetheless, it was as much of a puff piece as you’ll ever see.
Now as a Towson student, I am very impressed with Caret’s work. This campus wouldn’t be as vibrant a place as it is without his guidance from the top. My gagging during while reading the article isn’t a criticism of Caret as much as it is an indictment on how The Sun has failed to recognize Towson in recent years and attempted to amend the mistake with a massive photo and all-encompassing article.
The time of the piece is what really took my by surprise. Towson has been at odds with the surrounding community for quite some time and it recently boiled over with the Towson Center negotiations. It’s the middle of the legislative session and an bill targeting TU will be presented Tuesday. Judging from the GTCCA meeting Thursday night, the community and administration (namely Ed Kilcullen and Marina Cooper) won’t be sharing cookie recipes over a hot cup of tea anytime soon.
Shockingly, The Sun quoted Rodgers Forge president Janice Moore commenting on Caret in what, out of context, was a complimentary manner. Seemed a bit surprising to me coming from a woman that has been understandably reluctant to trust University higher ups. While she may have a level of admiration for his “drive” and “ambition” as she is quoted in the article, the relationship between RF and the President isn’t as positive as the article made it seem.
Caret may be the leader that the campus truly needs to become a major force in the region. But he article sure makes him seem like a conquering hero that has taken Towson to the top to unanimous support. This is hardly the case.


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