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Towerlight senior editor Nick DiMarco  is beating the bushes and knocking on doors around town looking for students that have had problems with county code enforcement laws.

As I noted before on this blog, with more students living in the community, many are unaware of county code laws that limit the number of un-related tenants to two per house. Three are allowed if one of the tenants is the home owner.

Nick spoke with Fay Citerone, head of Donnybrook-Knollwood community prez and exec board member for the GTCCA, about the issue this afternoon. She has been fighting with the county code board to concerning a house that holds three un-related female Towson students. At one point, there were four living in the house. He also spoke to the young ladies living in the house who were out on the front lawn, enjoying a picnic and the sunny weather.

Both parties said that the other side had been more than understanding in the whole situation. The biggest issue was the refusal of the homeowner, Barry Zuckerman, to do anything about the issue. It’s a surprising twist considering the anomosity that has been seen in recent years between community members and Towson students that have entered their turf.

Zuckerman has denied comment for Monday’s article.

Hopefully this can be used as a case study for future community-student relations. Just talk it out and educate either side. Let things be resolved through a working relationship.

Again, check the TL Web site Monday for the full story.


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