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Picking up where I left off a few days ago concerning the code enforcement and students living in Towson neighborhoods, The Towerlight has published its article on the subject.

Taking off where Loni Ingraham began for the Towson Times, we actually went to the students living in the controversial house on Knollwood for their take. The students say that they had no idea what was going on when neighbors arrived and told them that they had to be out in two weeks. They weren’t even aware of the laws in place.

Neighbors have said there are noise problems, but the ladies in the residence say that any late night racket is kept to a minimum. Is it really a surprise there is a disagreement on this, though? As many community residents have expressed to me, it comes down to a difference in lifestyle. One Rodgers Forge representative went as far as to say students are “nocturnal.” It’s not that they are especially loud, but when the majority of houses in the neighborhood are quiet after 10 p.m., that’s often when college students are getting started.

The biggest issue that comes to light here is that students must be aware of code laws so that they aren’t duped or put into bad situations by landlords looking to cram as many into a house in order to make the best profit. If a landlord is paying $1,200 a month on a mortgage before utilities and he/she can’t put more than two unrelated students in the house at a time, that landlord will have difficulty finding students that can afford $750 a month before food and other cost of living expenses. The only option the landlord as in order to make a profit is break the law. As a result, he gets fined

Hopefully, with increased education, students can stay out of the crossfire. 


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