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The fun part has begun. It’s the Q&A session. The community has come out swinging once again. They want to know where all of the additional students are going to be housed.
Pat Foretich of Rodgers Forge is upset because right now only 50 percent of full-time undergrads will be housed on campus. This is actually 10 percent above the national average, however, at the size of Towson’s campus, it would mean as many as 7,000 students living in the surrounding communities.
There has also been the suggestion thrown out there that the University should build on the wetlands behind the Towson Center and the auxiliary practice fields. This land runs right up against Rodgers Forge. RF just spent the last two months fighting to keep the Towson Center addition from behind built too close to their property, but now they are talking about wanting to put student housing there. This doesn’t make any sense for either side. It’s an example of a Lose-Lose. TU loses because they have to lose an ecological preserve. RF loses because you are adding maybe 1,000 students as next door neighbors.
This is the discovery phase of the Master Plan update process. I guess all pitches have to be heard. Not all of them would work or make sense.


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