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Just got out of a meeting with President Robert Caret. Amid conversation concerning provost James Clements’ hiring as president at WVU, the men’s basketball team’s CAA run and the Obama stimulus package, discussion of tonight’s Master Plan update meeting came up.
The meeting in the Minnegan Room that is open to any and all comers interested in the future plans for Towson University could turn into a near riot like the Towson Center expansion meeting did two months ago. Caret said he thinks that the work the University did with Rodgers Forge went a long way with restoring some confidence in the school’s communication with the neighborhood.
“That meeting in January did what it was supposed to do. It gave us a chance to hear the concerns, we sat down and talked about them, and then we made a change. I understand why they were upset. I would have been upset, too, if I were them. That’s why we now are going to build it in a different place. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s a better place for all involved.”
If tonight’s meeting is as diplomatic as Caret hopes it will be, it may be evidence of some sort of mutual satisfaction on each side of this Town & Gown heavyweight fight. I am just curious if there is another dress code like last time when all wore red (including this blogger).


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