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Maybe they were inspired by the Watchmen as Towson’s vigilante representatives. Under the mask provided by the Internet, some members of the community have created the as a source of communication about all that is awful pertaining to the University.

Pat Foretich of Rodgers Forge showed it to me last week at the Master Plan update meeting at the Minnegan Room. I didn’t think much of it. The site is poorly designed. There is a typo in the banner. Much of the body text is poorly written and seems to have been thrown together after a spat with students.

Then Loni Ingraham wrote about the site in the Towson Times. This must make the site legit. In her article, the anonymous site admins won’t reveal their identity out of fear of violence from students. Clearly, when a community resident takes issue with Bob Caret, there is an army of students sent out as TUKGB to silence any critics.

I really don’t understand how the site is going to change anything.

It was funny when I read the site name. Towson just began selling “We Are Towson” T-shirts last year in the University Store. They are actually pretty popular.

I’m going to go through the home page and comment on the statements made. In a brief skimming, a lot seemed rather uninformed. They are mostly ranting. Some can’t even be blamed on TU. I’ve long been an advocate for a strong, working relationship between the two sides. I am just as appalled by the stories from neighbors about students squatting in the streets, dumping trash on the lawns and screaming profanity until 3 a.m. At the same time, I am a Towson student and in my experience with fellow students, the majority is hardworking kids that are just trying to get a degree and become hardworking adults.


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