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It didn’t take long for students to respond to Within a week, nearly 450 Tigers have joined the Facebook group “Towson Students Against “’We Are Towson.’
I anticipate this number will grow rapidly today (Monday) after The Towerlight has published its article about the site. I know invites have already made their rounds. I have been asked to join but declined. My views have already been expressed. I didn’t expect to even assign an article about this site. It seemed like just page that would fade into obscurity, but once Towson students organized in opposition and I was bombarded by e-mails with the link asking if I knew anything about it, I knew we’d have to write up something.
With so many Towson students upset, it’s almost like CAB signed Dashboard Confessional for TigerFest, again.
I removed myself from the coverage of the site due to my opinions concerning have been made clear. In our story, Nick DiMarco spoke to GTCCA VP, West Towson resident and loyal Town & Gown reader Mike Ertel, who said he didn’t know who runs the site.
Mike is one of my favorite people to call on these issues. He’s a Towson alumnus that likes to reflect on his days at the Homecoming tailgate, but just wants some peace and quiet at 2 a.m. when he’s hitting a REM cycle before going into work the next morning. Can’t blame him for that.
“If you boiled some of this down, a lot of it is just frustration with the big picture. I guess they feel that’s the way they need to get the message out…”
His second quote surprised me, though. “People are saying that [the GTCCA] is letting the University of the hook.” This is becoming a more familiar message. At last month’s GTCCA meeting, some members of the organization expressed that Rodgers Forge gave up too early when trying to stop the new Arena expansion. Many didn’t want it to be built at all to symbolize a major community victory. Now, there are people that don’t just take issue with how a single community has handled its relations with TU, but they disapprove of how the unofficial governing body of the surrounding area works with the campus.
Just when we thought channels of communication were getting better, it appears we may not have yet reached rock bottom.


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