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For what it’s worth, it required a common foe to bring Towson students and community members together Monday. The Westboro Baptist Church, known best for protesting the funerals of Iraq War soldiers and the Virginia Tech victims, made an appearance at Towson High School to spread some hate around Northern Baltimore County. They arrived with the goal of providing the word of God to the horrible sinners of the area, most specifically THS’s Gay Straight Alliance.

A handful of WBC members showed up, including founder Fred Phelps’ daughter Shirley. More than 600 high schoolers, community members and Towson students turned out against the delusional, homophobic psychopaths that felt it necessary to come back to York Road for the second time in a year.

Last time they came through was for Michaels Phelps’ Parade of Gold. The WBC’s logic: Michael Phelps = America, America = Tolerance of Gays, God hates gays therefore God hates Michael Phelps. Makes sense, right?


The Towerlight has a slideshow up right now and there will be video coming later. Check back Tuesday for footage.


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