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Just two weeks remain until hell runneth over from Burdick Field into the greater Towson area. I’m speaking of none other than the annual party/concert Tigerfest.

After clean up in complete following the Homecoming Tailgate in the fall, the community begins to brace itself for Tigerfest. A little over a year ago, the GTCCA even submitted the cancellation of the biggest part of the spring as one of its 40-something items that would improve community-university relations.

Tigerfest is a celebration that the majority of students look forward to every year. At The Towerlight, we begin reporting on the potential headlines months ahead of time. This year, by the end of November speculation had begun to swirl. From the list of performers, the Campus Activities Board finally rested on All American Rejects.

What the local residents should be thankful for is that Immortal Technique will NOT be performing this year. The radical, controversial and profane rapper and his supporting cast shocked the crowd and administrators with their somewhat inflammatory comments about the victims of Virginia Tech and George W.  I believe there was also a line about how he was “Blacker than Thomas Jefferson’s Kids.” I laughed. Others were offended.

The sound system sent this lyrics and heavy beats pounding into the surrounding neighborhoods.

All American Rejects and their radio friendly punk-pop shouldn’t be as offensive. I can only imagine, though, what residents will think about a band named Shiny Toy Guns.


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  1. Grab a camera and go picture crazy on the next post! Soundslides are a bitch to embed, but well worth it! Gimme a photo essay, or even a Where’s Waldo?

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