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Eleven days remain until absolute mayhem. Blood will run through the streets of Towson as Tigerfest begins on Burdick Field.

All right. Blood may be an exageration. Booze is far more likely. And come morning of Sunday April 26, there may be a few knuckleheads on the front lawns of the location of some blowout party that make the rest of the responsible fairgoers seem unreasonable.

I’ve already written one post about Tigerfest, but it was pretty popular, so I’m back again. Here is what some Towson neighbors, including GTCCA president Ed Kilcullen said last year when I talked to them after the TU equivalent to Mardi Gras.

In summary, parties began in the local neighborhoods well before some students finally arrived at the core of campus.

But No Fear, Towson Student Affairs is Here!!! An ad on the second page of Thursday’s edition of The Towerlight gives a few of the numerous rules to remember for a positive Tigerfest. Among them are:

#1 Never leave a Tiger behind. Tigers take care of their own

#5 Never let anything come between you and a responsible Tigerfest

#6 Do not draw negative attention to yourself

I bet these kinds of words of wisdom help neighbors sleep better when there are screaming students marching down the street at 2 a.m. still running long and drunk on their last few Jagerbombs.

As you can tell, I’m not falling on either side of this debate. I fully believe that Tigerfest is a great event, one that the majority of students enjoy responsibly and it should continue as one of the best traditions on campus. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to deal with the noise that some troublemakers cause in Burkleigh Square, Aigburth Manor or Towson Manor Village just to mention a few.


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