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Just a word of warning to anybody about to read this post. I’m not reporting on any public urination, noise violations, angry neighbors, drunken students, proposed legislation or policy changes. I’m talking about the festival so this post will be as fluffy and cotton candy.
I sat down with Exec. Director for the Towson Chamber Nancy Hafford yesterday. Her office was a whirlwind and if anybody has ever Nancy, they know she’s a twister that’s always spinning. And right now, it’s Towsontown Festival time so her days are more filled than ever. One of (if not THE) largest street festival in the state, the Towsontown Festival brings people by the tens of thousands to the area every spring.
Music, performances and all kinds food vendors will line the streets of uptown Towson. It’s one event that both students and community members enjoy equally.
I’ve been each of my three years as a Towson student and since I’ll have passed the torch to the next Editor in Chief at The Towerlight at that point, I’ll actually be able to get out for the weekend this year and have a good time without having to worry about stories between bites of my dripping wet pit beef sandwich.
I highly recommend anybody within driving distance to make the trek. It’s a great weekend of events and if we are blessed with good weather, there are few better ways to spend a spring day.
That’s my PR post of the semester, controversy free. Every blog needs some fluff now and again. I don’t really like cotton candy, though. I’m more of a funnel cake kind of guy.


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