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Rumor has it that the recession and the continued collapse of the newspaper industry has hit Towson. Patuxent Publishing, a Tribune Company corporation and mother company for all of the ‘Times’ papers in Baltimore County, already closed its office in Towson. Reporter, photographers, etc., all now work from home. They send their copy to editors in a single location for all the ‘Times’ papers instead of an individual editor for a singular publication.

This saves money on space and personnel. Too bad it destroys the small-town feel of the papers and inhibits community members’ attachment and access to the publication. But that’s not important. Clearly, by making the paper LESS personal it will drive revenue. You know what else will drive revenue? How about making Towson Times monthly? That wasn’t a snarky remark you have become accustomed to if you are a regular Town & Gown reader.

That’s the rumor rolling around. The Towson Times as a monthly publication would just about destroy the paper entirely. Unless it embraced an entire magazine format, which I highly doubt is the case, it will simply be the weekly Towson Times put out once a month. While this may improve the overall profit per issue ratio, it doesn’t mean that they will have enough money to pay writers, photographers or editors. The numbers will drop, meaning the quality of the paper will drop, and then the readers will just ignore it all together. Why do newspapers seem to think that the best way to increase profits is by hurting the quality of the paper?


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