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Tigerfest is here. While there have been some whispers that there may still be some kinks to iron out of the All American Rejects’ contract, the show is expected to go on. It’s almost noon, so I’m sure there are parties that have already started rolling, hopefully not raging. Today was made for Tigerfest. The sun is bright, the weather is warm and, at least according to, there won’t be any surprise thunder storms that break up the end of the show and prevent an encore as Mother Nature did last year. Can anybody verbalize just how awesome a Roots encore would have been? Ah well, no more living in 2008. Things I’m looking forward to today:

1) I’ve already mentioned the weather, but this can’t be made clear enough. When planning an outdoor festival, the weather is always an unknown variable and in the past it’s hurt the show. While Dashboard Confessional ruined the show enough just by being there, the fact that it was overcast and miserable all day didn’t help. 85 degrees and sunny. I love it.

2) A fun send-off. I’m going to be officially a Towson graduate in exactly one month. While there are still a few assignments I need to complete, a few blog posts I still need to write, and then the whole walking the stage thing, to many students Tigerfest is a symbol for completing another year. As I wrote about in my most recent Towerlight column, this is my last Tigerfest as a student. I’d like it to be a good one.

3) Seeing some old friends. Tigerfest is probably a bigger event for alumni than Homecoming. This goes for more recent alumni at least. I was the youngest members of the TL Editorial Board for a while, and now that I’m about to graduate, all of my closest friends from the staff have moved on. All American Rejects is a big enough name to bring back a bunch of recent grads from along the East Coast. I’m sure this goes along with every student.

4) Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to seeing the Rejects. I’ve never followed the act, but I’ve heard a few of their catchy pop hits. They are sing-a-long types that I really think the crowd can get behind. Anybody that has been to a concert can tell you just how important it is for the crowd to really be into the songs and know the performers’ work. It’s why the crowd is pretty dead for most opening acts but start jumping up and down for the headliner. It’s about familiarity and just about everybody has heard most of All American Rejects hits.

5) It’s going to be great to see the student body come together again. Let me get my cliché line out of the way here. Just like on St. Patrick’s Day, everybody is Irish. On Tigerfest, everybody is a tiger. Towson, while it has improved, rarely comes together. Sports should fill this need, but the teams just haven’t given anybody a reason to make it out to the games. Events like Tigerfest, though, bring everybody out. It’s been on every student’s calendar for weeks.


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