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There may be a disagreement over who should take credit for the idea, but, honestly, it doesn’t matter. The University is beginning an off-campus ambassadors pilot program this summer.

The pilot will begin in Burkleigh Square, a small neighborhood off of York Road that has been hit particularly hard by students moving into single-family homes. Carol Galladian, TU’s coordinator for off-campus student services, is taking applications and trying to recruit students for the program.

In short, the students will be expected to serve as liaisons between the University, the community and the students living off campus. It has been consistently iterated that they are NOT RA’s. They will hold no judicial power and will not be expected to snitch on trouble houses.

Back to the first point I made here: Who gets to take credit for this program? A few months ago at a GTCCA meeting, Marina Cooper from TU mentioned the program during her report. Shortly after she finished, Ed Kilcullen, GTCCA prez responded quickly, and rather harshly, accusing Marina of “not doing her homework” for taking responsibility for coming up with the idea for the program. When Marina asked Ed to speak with him after the meeting if there was any confusion, he continued.

It’s pretty simple, and I discussed this in my last post. This really needs to stop being an “Us vs. Them” situation. Does Marina taking credit for the idea stop disruptive behavior in the communities? Does Ed getting credit stop students from urinating in his street outside his home in Towson Manor Village? It does neither.

Cooperation is the only thing that will solve this problem with both sides walking away with some level of success. The ambassadors are coming, no matter who thought if it first.


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