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What do big greasy cheeseburgers cause? Obesity? Diabetes? Traffic? Wait, hold on a second. One of these doesn’t fit.

In standard practice, a member of the Towson community has decided that it’s time to stop progress. Progress may be the wrong word, because after eating a delicious Five Guys double cheeseburger with small fries, I don’t feel like moving forward. I feel like lying down and sleeping for a week. But that’s not the point. Nancy Pivec is trying to stop all of those burger joints from coming into Towson.

Her reason? Five Guys, and Burger King are going to bring “nMmmmm... Five Guysoise, traffic and trash” to York Road accordig to the Towson Times. What!?!? Maybe if York Road planners were concerned with noise and traffic, they wouldn’t have brought an on ramp to I-695 to Towson’s main drag. But that’s been there for decades. So it’s not like these weren’t worries along York.

And how are fast food joints going to increase trash? York Road is littered (pun intended) with plenty of eateries.

All of this really makes me wonder just how bad people in Towson really think they have it. If the biggest concerns this town has is a thriving major state institution and too many burger joints, then Towson may truly be Baltimore’s Utopia.


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  1. Yes Nancy Pivec is upset about the trash, which WILL increase as well as the accidents on York Road as people try to get in and out of McDonalds, Five Guys AND Burger King as well as the Gas station. Fast Food backing up to peoples back yards WILL definintely bring more trash into the alley. The alley was NOT supposed to have access in or out of BK but it does. These homes WILL be devalued, because who wants a 24 hr business in THEIR back yard? Why, they even placed the drive thru station/speaker in the back toward the houses. How kind of them. It’s not the burgers I don’t like – I am a customer of all three of those businesses. It’s the impact on the traffic/neighborhood etc. Then you TU students become homeowners you will understand what this means. The renters in the neighborhood certainly don’t. Just another problem in our neighborhood!

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