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I’m finishing up some projects, preparing for finals, just like the rest of Towson’s student body. Tigerfest has passed, as has the Towsontown Festival. The academic year is winding to a close and I’m sure the local neighborhoods couldn’t be happier.

It’s been proven through police reports that as the summer heats up, the town of Towson cools off. Students move home between semesters, out of the apartment complexes and out of the residential communities. This means that there will be more parking spaces on neighborhood streets.

While the spring semester is often one of the busiest for Towson Citizens on Patrol as they drive the neighborhoods looking for trouble, especially on Tigerfest Weekend, May tends to be a rather quiet month.

The community pushed for, and received, more classes on Friday mornings because, in theory, fewer students will party Thursday night if they have to get up early the next day. It’s slower in May for the same reason. As I said before, when you have three 10-page research papers and two finals to cram for, there isn’t much time to pee on your next door neighbors yard, slash their tires, or abduct their children (obviously hyperbolic, but I can never be sure).


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