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Great. Just great.

The Towson community used their political clout to get their way again. Since people in these parts can’t stop reproducing and the neighborhood has thrived, leading to more young families moving into the area, they are being rewarded with a new elementary school. The Baltimore Sun reported last week that there is going to be a new school built on Charles Street next to the Ridge Ruxton School… West Towson Elementary.

Great. Just great.

Can you imagine the traffic that’s going to occur there? I love Charles Street and drive it every day when commuting to campus. I can probably navigate 695 with my eyes closed and know exactly where exit 25 is. Maybe I’ll try that sometime and see how it goes.

But back to my point. Traffic is going to be absurd. I can see it now. All of those young moms with their bulky minivans driving slowly in the right-hand lane trying to turn in and out. Then you have the school buses. Oh boy are they going to slow everything down. It’s rough enough driving that road without big cheese-colored buses driving snot-nosed kids around. It’s going to make my life so difficult. I don’t know how to handle it.

And to think, it could be solved so easily. If these young families would stop flooding this collegetown with their small children that for some reason need to be educated, then it would all be solved. We wouldn’t need to spend tax-payer dollars to build a school, hire teachers, bus drivers, and all of those other unneeded positions.

Why can’t the community just learn to live within its means and stick to the schools they already have? Why do they have to pop out all of these kids and then build another school? And is it really that bad with the overcrowded schools?

When I was in grade school, every year there were trailers. I even spent fourth grade in a trailer behind the school grounds. It was really hot in the summer and we wore our jackets in the winter to keep warm, but it was fun. I was fine. I earned A’s and moved my way through to receive a college education.

I really think the community should have brought this issue to those that commute along Charles Street every day. We are stakeholders in that street, too. We should have a say in what goes up on that road. And I for one, don’t want to see Bob the Builder bookbags when I’m driving to class.

And think about the ambulances going to the hospitals! What’s going to happen when they can’t get up the road because of a school bus clogging up traffic?

Great. Just great.



  1. There would be NO college students if people stopped having kids in the community! Those children you speak of are the future college students. I have two and I don’t drive a mini van, I walk my children to school, pay taxes, property taxes and use Charles St as well to commute to work. You must be a single miserable , renter in the community.

    • Hey, Summer…

      Thanks for viewing my class blog from over a year ago. If you could let me know how you found it, I’d really appreciate it.

      First, in case you didn’t see at the top of the page, this post was a satire. It was meant to be tongue in cheek. It was written to mirror many of the complaints heard from community leaders regarding the expansion of Towson U such as – Why can’t they just live within their means, increased traffic brought by the student living in the area, not reaching out to stakeholders before making decisions.

      Second, I’m not single.

      Third, I’m not miserable.

      Fourth, I’m not a renter — definitely not one in the community.

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