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About a month ago when I sat down with Nancy Hafford from the Towson Chamber, she said that Forbes Magazine’s latest listing of the nation’s “Most Livable” cities included Towson.

Really? That’s what I said.

Just looked it up. She was partially correct. Towson is lumped in as “Baltimore/Towson,” which is an interesting pairing nonetheless. TU has billed itself for the last few years at a “Metropolitan” University, pumping up its association with the city and its abundance of resources.

Fact is, Towson is minutes from the city line and students do get a chance to take advantage of some of its greatest opportunities; both professionally and socially.

The social aspect is obvious. When uptown is too small town for a party-loving student, he/she can head downtown to the Inner Harbor. Professionally, though, TU has taken full advantage of partnerships with major businesses in Baltimore and the students have benefited from that as well. Internship and job placement opportunities remain strong in Baltimore despite the recession.

While Towson surely loves the fact that they are considered among the “Most Livable” places in the nation, I don’t know how much they’d appreciate the pairing. Baltimore can also be synonymous with crime, traffic, drug abuse and general unrest.

I guess it’s a situation where it depends on how you see the glass: Half empty or half full?


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