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A few weeks ago I talked to Nancy Hafford from the Towson Chamber about the influx of new faces coming into the Towson are and how the business community would respond. Most thought that it was just students that would be flooding Towson and filling up the new apartment complexes. As a “seasoned” news reporter I should have known that this was not the case. As any area news monger worth a darn knows that anything somehow involves BRAC.

The Base Realignment that will bring thousands to work in Harford County around the Aberdeen Proving Grounds will also bring many to Northern Baltimore County. For those white collar members of BRAC that wish to be a little closer to a city feel would love Towson. Its right by 695 for a short trip up into Harford County and it’s halfway from work toward downtown Baltimore.

The Towson Times wrote this week about a bus trip of potential newcomers that was shown around Towson. According to the article, many of the short-term employees may maintain their homes in New Jersey, but live during the week in apartments only to commute back to the Garden State for weekends to see family.

While these workers would be ideal for the buildings renting out apartments, it isn’t exactly what the business community would want, I imagine. These types are not likely to stay for the weekend and spend money. Neighborhood leaders also would surely prefer families that get involved in communities and better the area.

Of course, I’m sure anything would be better than a student living in the house.


Town & Gown doesn’t always have to be dramatic. Instead, I had a chance to go to a happier meeting this time, even though I had to drive 45 minutes to Bel Air to get there.
Towson signed on with Harford Community College today to construct a new complex. The plans aren’t news. The Towerlight reported it almost a year ago, but that’s when plans were to have ground broken by now. According to the MOU that presidents Caret and LaCalle signed, no dirt will be moved until at least Summer 2010.
Caret said in his address that Towson is only going to grow to 25,000, no more. That’s because the campus can only hold that many students at maximum. If you ask certain community members, they’ll tell you that campus maxed out about three years ago.
Nonetheless, any growth beyond that the USM has bestowed on TU will take place at satellite campuses such as this one at HCC.