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Attendance for the Towsontown Spring Festival last weekend was less than a third of what it was the year before. The Towson Times is reporting that only 70,000 people turned out for this year’s street fair, which was flooded by constantly and steady rain.

Last year, the largest annual outdoor event in Towson drew more than 250,000 people. Last year, the second day of the event drew 100,000 people alone. This year, it was just 10 percent of that total: only 10,000 people braved the rain.

This was a shocking total to me. I figured that while attendance would be down, such a steep drop wouldn’t occur. Towson loves this festival so much that I assumed they’d throw on a poncho, strap on the rain boots and grab a umbrella in order to go out for a pit beef sandwich or a corndog. The last week has been miserable for weather. Of course, as I look out the window now, the sun is shining just to spite this post.


Aren’t the spring showers supposed to be gone by May? I was looking forward a weekend of sunshine at the Towsontown Spring Festival, but Mother Nature had other feelings.
According to Towerlight senior writer Nick DiMarco, 30 percent of the scheduled vendors didn’t show up on Sunday when it rained all day. It kinda defeated the purpose of the event as a whole. I really wanted to get out for some Mother’s Day shopping (what mom doesn’t love an arts and crafts project for her special day) but my mom will just have to settle for breakfast and a gift card.
Nonetheless, more than 400 exhibits lined the streets of uptown Towson. Last year, nearly a quarter of a million people turned out for the event. Attendance was down, but more than a hundred thousand still roamed the streets in search of the perfect pit beef sandwich or one-of-a-kind woodwork.